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Two new books "Krakow Rising" by my daughter Lisa "Sydney" Sadowski published on Amazon e books and "Stalowe drapiezniki" by Mariusz Borowiak (almapress) published in Poland about the Polish submarines 1926-1947.

Lisa lives permanently in our apartment in old town "Stare Miasto"Krakow with our eight year old granddaughter Annika after moving there from Salem, OR three years ago.. they both have Polish citizenship as I do. Lisa has an MA from the University of London in Eastern European and Slavonic Studies, and MBA from Willamette University and a Masters in Theology from Mt. Angel Benedictine Seminary. She's presently studying for a doctorate in theology at the Vatican's John Paul II University in Krakow.

I've provided material for Borowiak's book. Mention of my father Kazimierz Sadowski, godfather Michal Zebrowski, and uncle Bronislaw (Hackbeil) Horodyski is included. Horodyski was a member of the Portland Polish Library Assoc. and St. Stanislaus church He was instrumental in sponsoring many Polish immigrants to Portland in the fifties and sixties and was the brother of Konrad de Hackbeil who was quite active in the Portland Polish community as well.

Andy "Andrzej" Sadowski
Salem, Or

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December 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterA.G Sadowski