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Wysłałem kilka mejli i cisza.

Niesamowita para Polaków na rowerach jedzie już od 5 lat i zbliżają się do Portland.

Załączam poniżej mejl który wysyłałem do Mendocino County. Tutaj najnowsze zdjęcia:

Bardzo mili ludzie. Szukają możliwości zorganizowania prezentacji w celu zbiórki datków na dalszą wyprawę. Do prezentacji potrzebują rzutnik z łączem na komputer. W Portland powinni być 25 kwietnia.

Pozdrawiam cieplo i serdecznie,
Edmund Lewandowski


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I am a volunteer helping with a San Francisco based Polish American web site . I would like to share with you very exciting news. An adventurous Polish couple biking around the world , after more than 25,000 miles, 5 years and 25 days, 4 continents, made it to the San Francisco Bay Area. Adela and Kris are on the way to their next destination: Alaska. For more information check out

I am really excited about the couple from Poland who is traveling around the world on their bicycles. I was hoping that you will read this short note about such unusual event and might like witnessing those two people being on your local roads in Mendocino County and continuing their quest around the world. They will be in your area p r o b a b l y on Monday, April 6, 2015. (maybe Tuesday) They stay with friends of Gordon Black (Friday host 10-12noon) overnight in Albion. He might know the exact time of arrival.

If you can think of any ways to spread the information about them passing by and welcoming them, just making people aware that this friendly couple is traveling on bicycles already 5 years one month and 2 days, and counting, .... would be very much appreciated. People at least can make them feel welcome by waving to them, saying hello, flashing headlights, friendly honking, etc. Attached are some pictures from their trip and myself welcoming them to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thank you for your assistance.

Pozdrawiam ciepło i serdecznie,
Edmund Lewandowski
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April 13, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterEdmund Lewandowski