In the Polish Hall:
Polish Hall:
Celebration of 100 Years of regaining Independence of Poland

European Café serving coffee, tea and traditional Polish cakes. 


In the Church:

Attend the Polish Mass on Sunday at 11:00am.




Children's Village (Located by the Main Stage)

Offers art projects, face painting, a bounce house, cotton candy and other treats. Operated by the Polish School from 11am-7 pm on Saturday and noon-6pm on Sunday. Located to the right of the stage.

Festival Token

The festival token is called "Zloty" which is actually the Polish currency unit. The Polish spelling is "z oty" - literally meaning a gold (piece). The zloty was introduced in 1924. It replaced the Polish Mark. The denomination is: 1 zloty = 100 groszy. At the Polish festival one Zloty is worth one Dollar.