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Comments on previous Polish Festival

Congrats and more future Polish Festivals!!!!! This was my first time attending and I must say, the food was excellent, the Polish Beer was COLD (perfect for the weather we had), along with the crafts but mostly the warmth and smiles received from all of the volunteers. You put on quite the show. I will definitely be attending all of the future ones. It gave me a wonderful feeling and another reason to once again a connection to my heritage, My daughter enjoyed this immensely and loved the dancers. She now understands why Mommy and Grandpa love Kielbasa and Pierogi's.
Teresa Clark

The festival was WONDERFUL! The food was excellent, just like grandma used to make! I especially enjoyed the pierogi, and I took five poppyseed rolls home! Everyone was so friendly and kind! I enjoyed also the music and the dancing. Many thanks to everyone who made this event possible!
Debra Wilson

"... the Polish Festival is the safest place of all festivals for the kids now to perform -- such a wonderful community feeling. Everybody is very nice and enthusiastic. It was really pleasant to be there. Thank you very much for inviting us."
Heidi Vorst, Director of International Dance Group

I went again this year and had a wonderful time. I always seem to have to leave too early. I could stay there all day. The children were adorable (Sobotka) and Lithuanian dancers were lovely. Pierogis were delicious! Everyone so friendly it's like one big family. My friend, who isn't Polish, had fun. I bought some desserts to take to my neighbor who is housebound. That was a big hit too. Thanks for this wonderful nurturing yearly event. 
M. Narkiewicz

We had a great time at the festival this year and especially enjoyed the dinner. Do you share recipes? If so, we would love to know how the sauerkraut and beets are made!
Karen and Dan Davidson

The Festival was great. It is nice to see how it is growing every year. The food was especially delicious this year, and even though the lines were long, we got our food fast and hot. Thank you for all of your work on this. It has become a real tradition for our large circle of friends.

Congratulations on a great Festival! It was a fun, entertaining and educational experience! Certainly everyone I saw there over the weekend were enjoying themselves! Sincerely,
Tim Hills, Project Historian, McMenamins Pubs

Polish Festival is the best festival in the state -- very well organized with beautiful dances, delightful music and delicious food. Thank you very much for inviting us.
Teodor Gherasim, Rumanian writer

The Festival was wonderful and I had a terrific time. Congratulations on the dance contest, I love the Polka contest better than anything -- except the food of course. I had two servings of Potato pancakes!!! The Golabki were exceptionally good this year too. Thank you,

Everything should be kept the way it was!!! All food was excellent! We need to make more golabki and maybe include couple of pierogi in full dinner.... IT WAS GREAT! THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN!

We wanted to tell how much we enjoyed the Polish Festival again this year. It looked like it was a great success. As usual the music and dancing were great. The food was wonderful, and all the other things that added so much. Some other folks from our church went also and those I spoke with really enjoyed it. Thanks to you and all who work so hard to put together this great festival for our city. Sincerely,
Lynne Smouse López

I want to thank the Polish community of Portland for putting on such a great festival! I brought my 81 year old father who was born in a coal mining camp outside of Banff. His mother and father brought the family from Poland first to Canada and then to Oregon where they settled permanently. He thoroughly enjoyed himself watching the dancing and wondering around the exhibits. Thanks again for promoting the heritage of such a beautiful and brave people. Sincerely,
Katrinka (Kathy) Stahancyk (originally Stachanczyk)

I've enjoyed the festival for the past several years. Great food and entertainment. I may like to assist in coordinating or organizing the event next year. Thanks,

"The Polish Festival 2000 was amazing. The reorganization of the food service was wonderful -- we were served quickly and by very friendly servers and the food was excellent. I always enjoy bringing new friends to the festival every year. The expasion of the shopping area and the addition of the kids activities were also a great new change. I look forward to next year!"
Lisa Scardina, University of Portland

"Thank you so much for asking me to the Polish festival. I had a ball. I enjoyed it so much I brought my family the next day."
Tom Makgraf, US Congressman Earl Blumenauer's staffer

"The dinner food was like the dinners that my mother used to make for me in Warsaw"
"I enjoyed the entire Polish dinner - well worth the price."
"Excellent - better than most restaurants."
"Excellent service - table number 19"
"The best meal I ever ate in Portland - like homemade."
from the festival questionnaire

"Gratuluje festiwalu!!! Bylo wspaniale ... Jest to nieprawdopodobne ile bylo ludzi!"
Iwona Zaborowska