As in previous years, we will dance to the music of three bands, be entertained by children from 3 different dance ensembles as well as adults from 2 ensembles. You will also be able to listen to four bands and several singers.

Dance Groups:

Jedliniok - A Folk Dance group from Wroclaw, Poland with a dance program that reflects the finest Polish Spirit. Jedliniok's dancers and musicians present traditional dances, music, and songs originated from Poland, through the creation and production of professional programs that both entertain and educate worldwide audiences. Their repertoire includes dances from the various regions of Poland, as well as Polsh national dances (mazur, krakowiak, kujawiak, oberek, polonez).

Polish School Dancers  - Children from Saturday Polish School in Portland. The Sobotka dance group is the pride of our local Polish community. Sobotka embodies the joy, charm, and excitement that dance brought to generations in Polish villages. 

Bands and Musicians:

The Oregon Polka Beats - The best polka band in Oregon. They embody all the joy, charm, and excitement of polka music.

Yaazda(Translation: Let's Go/Ride/Play) - Polish / American band playing Polish pop and rock songs.

Draka Duo - a couple of classically trained musicians bringing Polish tunes to the Northwest. They perform a mix of folk, gypsy and classical music, as well as tango and a few movie scores.