Food & Beer


Authentic Polish Cuisine
Most of the food on the Polish Festival is served in the foodcourt on the street. You may taste Polish delicacies such as:

Pierogi ruskie - Dumplings stuffed with a mix of potatoes, farmers cheese, onions
Pierogi z kapustą - Dumplings stuffed with a mix of cabbage, mushrooms, onions
Pierogi z owocami - dumplings with blueberry, strawberry, cherry or sweet cheese

Kiełbasa i Bigos - Hunter's stew with Polish sausage

Gołąbki - Cabbage rolls made of cabbage leaves stuffed with mix of rice, beef and pork

Zestaw - Combination plate of the most popular Polish dishes: pierogi, gołąbki, kiełbasa, bigos

Placki Ziemniaczane - Potato pancakes of fried shredded potatoes

Polish Bakery, in the Church Hall, and European Café, inside the Polish Hall Building are serving coffee, tea and traditional Polish cakes as Poppy Seed, Cheesecakes, Pączki or Gingerbread

Beergarden serves imported Polish beer, Zywiec and Okocim, Polish honey wine, and Widmer beer.