The festival preparations starts in the beginning of the year. The preparations intensify in the last moth since this is the time when we make most of the food for the festival.

There are many remarkable people helping the Festival behind the scenes. One of them is Ms. Helena Bujak (above). Ms. Helena has been preparing stuffing for golabki every year, since the very fist Festival. She has never missed one session. And this remarkable volunteer comes early in the morning, at 6:00 am, to fry onions and be ready with stuffing for the first arrivals.

All the pastries and cookies on the festival are homemade. The ladies (above) show us cakes called "makowiec", poppy seed cakes.

This crew was making golabki and bigos. We have made 7,000 golabki and over 3,000 portions of bigos.

The younger generation is helping with the Festival as well. Peeling cabbages for golabki gets them very enthused.