Welcome to the 25th Annual Polish Festival

Two festive days of the best Polish food, dance and music
The best in the Northwest Polish Festival


The Polish festival is an event for families and singles, adults and children, for food connoisseurs, music lovers, concert goers, dance enthusiasts, … It is for everyone.

During the festival, we provide non-stop stage performances, including a few dance groups and music bands, polka contest on Saturday and Sunday, a street dance, delicious Polish food and imported Polish beer.

The event is held on 3900 N Failing Street between the two historic buildings of the Polish Library incorporated in 1911 and St. Stanislaus Church built in 1907, both located on N. Interstate Avenue in Portland Oregon.

Saturday, Sept 22, 2018 11am - 10pm
Sunday, Sept 23, 2018 noon - 6pm
3900 N. Interstate Ave., Portland, Oregon




Over 15,000 people are expected to attend the festival. It is prepared and run by over 300 volunteers organized by the Polish Community.